Commodore 64
Commodore 64

The game collection has been taken from “OneLoad64”. Visit Lemon64 for more information.

Below the emulator window, you will find a list of 1030 Commodore 64 games.  I have not tested all of them, but they should work in this emulator.

Click on an image below to run some of my favourites.

1942 1943 Uridium Choplifter! Cybernoid Dan Dare Paradroid Thundercats Zynaps

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C64 Emulator - Instructions

Below the emulator window you will find a large list of games.  Click on the name of the game to load and run it.  Use the links below to action Function keys F1-F8 or set joysticks if needed.  The emulator will accept normal A-Z 0-9 key presses.
C64 Emulator JavaScript

Function Keys



Big list of games - click on the game name to load and run